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Interested in technology and computer since college years, in 1982 has been offered a research fellowship by Ospedale San Raffaele to work on the first experimental NMR/MRI in Europe installed within an hospital. Working with programmers, engineers and physicists, become more involved with IT and is hired by Sperry in 1985 as knowledge engineer.

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Luca Pinotti
V. Marconi, res. Sassi 412
Basiglio 20080 Milano, Italy

+39 347.228.22s65


University of Milan

Degree in Medicine and Surgery October 1982

Computer forensic and digital investigations May 2011

High school

Liceo scientifico Donatelli-Pascal, Milano July 1974


Freelance Consultant

Networking & Cybersecurity March 1995 - Current

BMW Group Italia

Consultant and responsible on various projects including the implementation of Extranet with over 300 remote users, a LAN upgrade (from Token-ring to Ethernet with vLANs), security improvements and maintenance (installation and management of a Cisco PIX 535) and integration with Company-wide applications.
Managing suppliers including: IBM, Cisco, AT&T, BT/Albacom among others and a network of over 250 car dealerships, 80 motorbike dealerships and over 500 local users.
Responsible for connection to the corporate network in Munich, a company warehouse and the implementation of new security rules for external partners and suppliers.
Revising the framework of the BMW LAN in Milan including routing, security, re-cabling establishing naming-conventions and protocols for the migration to Windows 2000/2003.

EniData (EDS Group) – EniChem

Acting as Consultant on the installation and management of a double NW 4.11/NT 3.51 Compaq Proliant 5000/1500 server with Lotus Notes and cc:Mail for over 300 clients and 370 users.
Responsible for the migration from Netware to Windows NT 4 network and from Token Ring to Ethernet architecture.

Sperry Italia/Unisys Italia

Senior System Analyst for Artificial Intelligence August 1985 - September 1995

Knowledge Engineer – within the Professional Services including FF.SS, (National Railroads, a 5-years project on intelligent railroad traffic management), Aeritalia (Consultant System in avionics engineering), Fincantieri, CERVED (automatic management of an EDP centre) and TELECOM Italia (National Telephone Company, ICAI Hypermedia System).
Professional Consultant Systems Analyst at Unisys for 4GL and DTP, in charge of translation of software packages user’s manuals

Ospedale San Raffaele, Milano

• Research Fellow January 1983 - February 1984

NMR/MRI and digital imaging in medicine. Clinical trial on the very first NMR imaging machine in a clinical environment in Europe and USA.


  • “Medical Informatics” – 2 Volumes – Piccin Nuova Libraria, Padova, 1991
  • “Common Lisp Reference Guide” – Gruppo Editoriale Jackson, Milan, 1990
  • “Common Lisp Principles” – Gruppo Editoriale Jackson, Milan, 1988
  • Editor of “Computer Programming” 1992 – 1993; “Sanità and Salute” (Health Care) 1994
  • “Word 6 DOS” – Gruppo Editoriale Jackson, 1994
  • “Ventura 4.1” – Gruppo Editoriale Jackson, 1994
  • “Word 6, Instant Guide” – Gruppo Editoriale Jackson, 1994
  • “Ventura 3.0” – Gruppo Editoriale Jackson, 1991


IP networking LAN and WAN: MPLS, FR, ATM, VoIP, Routers, Cisco firewalls and VPN concentrators, CheckPoint firewall, network security issues.
Good knowledge of the Italian and European regulations of TLC.
Anti-virus/anti-malware systems (Symantec, Kaspersky, Malwerbytes etc), back-up systems (Symantec, SpiderOak etc) and best-practices.
Several office, business and graphics applications.
Windows (from 3.1 to 10), Windows Server (from NT4 to 2012), distributed PDC/BDC, Active Directory Forests and Trees. Knowledge of Mac OS X (10.0 to 10.11), Unix and Linux.
Fortran, Common Lisp, Visual Basic, C, HTML Level 3+, Java. Some knowledge of Visual C/C++, SmallTalk V, PHP.

  • Cybersecurity
  • Networking
  • Antivirus
  • Windows
  • Programming

Client Testimonials

  • I worked with Mr Pinotti in the planning of an important ICT/Networking project. He had clear and wide vision beyond the main objective of the project that lead us to plan a very good solution. He demonstrated great competences in ICT/Networking field and a deep and professional knowledge of the ISP market and playing companies.

    Alberto Gaiga
  • Mr. Pinotti is a brilliant ICT consultant, very serious, very skilled. I was delighted to work with him and I hope to work again with him very soon.

    Giovanni Alfano
  • Luca and I met in our days at Sperry Univac, which became Unisys. I found him not only a thoughtful, inventive and highly competent professional, but also an interesting and stimulating colleague and a pleasure to work with.

    Francis Sanger

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